Weber MPE V4

This new multi purpose 4 cylinder V 4 engine was designed and developped in collaboration with Weber Automotive inc. in Markdorf Germany. The engine design, specially the cylinder head is based on the MPE 750 2 cylinder egnine which already is in production at Weber.

The engine layout allows displacement variations from 1.8 to 2.2 Liter with a performance range from 150 to 300 HP.

Target was to built the smallest and lightest 2 Liter 4 cylinder engine on the world market, which was achieved by chosing the V - design.

The unique engine concept differs this engine from every other today’s available 2 Lt. 4 cylinder engine.

Due to the very low internal friction of this V-concept, a very low specific fuel consumption is the result with it’s best point of 228 g/kW/h, marking a best in class value.

Because of it’s very compact design, this engine can be installed on verious applications and packages.

The Weber MPE V4 was built and tested so far in various prototype versions. The automotive - sport version of this engine is built into a Chrysler Crossfire as a demonstration car.

The peak rpm of over 8500 rpm, the 100 kg lower vehicle weight and the sporty V8 like sound change this car to a very attractive sport and fun vehicle.