Weber MPE 750

The MPE 750 is a completely new developped versitile and lightweight 4 stroke engine. Due to its small measurements and its very high power to weight ratio, this engine can be used as a perfect fit for many different applications.

In collaboration with the Weber-Motor AG, based in Markdorf, Germany, swissauto developped this new 2 cylinder 4 stroke engine for universal use ( MultiPurposeEngine ) from scratch to various series applications. The engine is being mass produced at Weber-Motor since 2003. Today, the engine is used in various applications as JetSki, Snowmobile, JetBoats and ATV’s. The latest application work leads to a new Hybrid system, where the engine is used to drive the Generator as a full Hybrid system. This development is done in collaboration with different Automobile OEM's and was first time presented at the Geneva Autoshow in 2007.

Various layouts as Naturally aspirated orTurbo charged as well as project specific power layouts from 40 to 100 kW allows to use the same base engine in very different Applications on road, water or in the air.

Please visit the webpage from the Weber Motor Inc. for more detailled information about the engine and the various applications.