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swissauto V8

Due to the fact, that the Chevrolet small block engine is one of the best selling V8 engines worldwide, swissauto had the idea to develop a state of the art V8 engine with 4 valves per cylinder and double overhead cams.

This modern and powerful but compact engine should fit to the needs of modern Sportscars or marine application with low fuel consumption and emissions.

To reach these targets, a new cylinderheads was developed with optimized flow rates on intake and exhaust ports as well as a very flat combustion chamber with only 19° of valve angle. This flat angle allows a very compact outside dimension of this double overhead head and helps to pack the engine in various applications within the same box as the traditional 2 valve engine.

Optimized cross cooling jackets allows a homogenious temperature distribution over the whole engine and offers big benefits in the fuel economy and the knock sesivity of the engine.

Using this engine in a Chevrolet Camaro testcar, the very low specific fuel consumption of only 230 g/kw/h on the best point resulted in a gas mileage of about 20 to 25 mpg with a tremendous fun factor.

Also in marine use, the engine offers a fuel consumption reduction of about 30% compared to big block engines with similar performance.