Recharge projects

Turbocharger development

  • 20 years of experience
  • all kind of turbocharger technologies
  • complete turbocharger development
  • protype build from scratch to fully functional unit

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HYPREX pressure wave charger

  • very high pressure ratio’s at low arpm 
  • fast response, better than any 2 stage charging system
  • highest Co2 reduction petential over all charging systems
  • best emissions behaviour
  • very reilable due to low rpm, no cooling and lubrification


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AVL - swissauto Turbocharger Testrig

  • Diesel Burning chamber with very low particle emissions
  • Heatrange up to 1050°C with very high control accurracy
  • Air mass measurement with Turbine wheel and V-cone units for high precision and reliability
  • Fully automated test and post processing with AVL PUMA Software
  • Water- and Oilconditionning units
  • Very compact and modular design 

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