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Turbocharger development

Swissauto Company intensively deals for more than 20 years with development of turbochargers and similar charging technologies. Back in 1988 we have already developed a 2-staged charging system, allowing pressuresratio’s of 5 and supplying the belonging spark-ignition engine with 54bar mean effective pressure. In the following years swissauto Company was partially or fully integrated into development steps of almost all known charging technologies. As a result, we were already engineering in 1998 turbochargers with adjustable turbine geometry for spark-ignition engines.
Because of our long-standing business relation to the leading manufacturers of turbine- and compressor materials, our new ideas and new principles of measurement became part of today’s material technology.
Numerous single standing projects as adjustable compressor geometry, adjustable turbine geometry, compressor pre- and after-rotational swirl control, re-circulated air systems and electrical and pneumatic turbochargers and launch control systems were worked off in the past in - house.
For example the water-cooled aluminium turbine housing is a completely in-house invented and developed product.
We do have the specialists, the experience and the most modern measuring equipment at our disposal to fulfil almost every desire in that sector.