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AVL - swissauto Turbocharger Testrig

Over years, swissauto gathered an extensive experience  in the field of turbocharging of gasoline engines. Already at the beginning of the companys history, there was a focus on turbocharged engines for racing and economic applications and swissauto developped various turbocharged engines and concepts for production.

With the takeover of the Comprex Inc in 1998, swissauto opened up a testing facility with the very specific and benchmarking infrastructure to map turbocharger. Since then, the equipment was renewed and modified to the today’s nees of the growing requests in precise turbocharger measurement and development. The projects was focussed in measureing of turbine and compressor maps but als in specific development of new concepts of turbocharger and tests. Based on the various important contacts to the OEM’s and the turbocharger manufacturers as well as to the ETH in zürich and other institutes, swissauto alway’s had a very good overview of the state of the art in turbocharging technology.

For this reason,  swissauto was able to recognize trends very early to offer a broad background to the customers in consulting and development.

Based on this ideal situation, the austrian based company AVL, one of the most important test equipment manufacturers worldwide, was looking to collaborate with swissauto to realize a new turbocharger test rig to bring to the market.

Because swissauto also in future wants to focus on high end charging developments, this collaboration was ideal for both sides.

To realize this new product, the companies could bring their best know how which ended up in this ideal combination with AVL’s control and processing software PUMA and their aftermarket and sales capabilities and swissauto’s know how for the layout, development, manufacturing and testing - validating  of the testrig hardware and system.

The result of this collaboration is a precision high end testrig with a very high user value in regard of test processing and data post processing.

In September 2008, the first unit was delivered at SAAB to Sweden.

To ensure a easy and target oriented comissioning at the customer, the complete unit was validated in our laboratory in Mellingen and all systems was validated comparing the results with our own existing benchmark testrigs.

Bsed on the fact, that the Testrig is built into a strong but modular Testrig frame, the complete unit was shipped to the customer in one piece.

For more detailled information, please consult the brochure linked in here.