Urs Wenger

Urs Wenger
CTO; Member of the board


Beat Kohler

Beat Kohler
CEO; President








swissauto WENKO AG - the company

swissauto WENKO AG is a swiss based company with the core competence in development, prototyping and manufacturing of internal combustion engines and charging devices various kinds.

Many years of experience with downsized and high supercharged gasoline engines as well as various activities in Automotive and Motorcycle - racing grants for the technical background of the company.

A modern, state of the art infrastructure is available in two locations. This allows to serve the customer with competent, efficient and target oriented solutions and results.

The core competence of the company includes the following activities:

  • Design and development of internal combustion engines
  • Design, development and optimizing of charging systems and devices
  • Mapping of supercharging devices on our Hot cell test rigs
  • 1D and 3D simulations for internal combustion engines and charging devices
  • Design and manufacturing of prototype vehicles or concept cars

Endurance tests of engines and drive train components


swissauto WENKO AG - company profile
  • Wenko AG swissauto was founded in 1987 by Urs Wenger and Beat Kohler
  • The company is 100% owned by the shareholders
    U. Wenger, B. Kohler, HR. Jenni and HP. Götti
  • The staff has continuously increased up to app. 30 employees and many subcontractors for machining and manufacturing in addition
  • swissauto runs the company at two locations; at the main site in Burgdorf, design and development of engines and vehicle prototypes are the main focus, at the site in Mellingen, development, optimizing and mapping of supercharging devices for the car manufacturing industry are the major activities, also the engine endurance tests are done here.


Main projects and Milestones


Optimizing of the Judd V8 engine for the Formula 1 Team Brabham with a podium finish at the Monaco Grand prix


Engine development and Prototype manufacturing for the Swatch hybrid concept cars ( Smart pre project )


Development of the new compact and lightweight V4 2-stroke 500 cc engine for World Motorcycle GP; 29 wins, 41 Poles and 3 World champion titles were the remarkable results with this engine.


Completion of the low fuel consumption concept SAVE with the Smile car which was measured officially as the first "3-Liter" gasoline car with street homologation


Idée Swiss Award for the Smile car concept and its technology


Development of the MPE 750 engine Project and implementation of the engine into several applications with different engine layouts


Take – over of the former Comprex AG in Mellingen


Development of a complete new racing bike for the Motorcycle World Championship; first pole position in the 5th race in Barcelona, second pole position in Brno and several top ten rankings paid off the tremendous effort during the race season, competing with the big japanese OEMs.


OECD Award for best practice of sustainable technology for transport


Development of the SA250 2 cylinder 4 Stroke Kart engine, manufacturing of the first pre series engines


SOP of the SA 250 Kart engine. Today, this engine is the most successful 4 stroke Gokart race engine worldwide


SOP of the MPE 750 engine at Weber-Motor AG. First application in the Polaris MSX Jet Ski


SOP of the series production of the Polasis FS / FST Snowmobiles with the Weber MPE 750 engine


Development of the first 4 stroke stand-up race Jetski worldwide for Hydrospace; 17 World champion titles in 5 different categories demonstrate the dominance of this new concept until today.


Development of the new single cylinder 250 cc high performance engine for various applications as Kart, ATV’s, Boats a.s.o.


collaboration with AVL Graz for the development of a new, unique high performance turbocharger Testrig


realization of the VW Golf 5 demonstrator car with Hyprex pressure wave charger


Production of the new swissauto high performance single cylinder engine for various application