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Golf 5 1.0 HXI

With the 1.0 HXI Golf 5, swissauto first time presents teh Hyprex technology in a Production car with no changes on the vehicle side.

200 Nm above 1250 rpm; 210 Nm at 1400 rpm and 110 kW at 5000 rpm bring up impressive verhicle preformance in this 1360 kg car.

Compared to teh original Golf 5 2.0 FSI with double displacement NA engine, the highly supercharged Hyprex engine convinces with much improved values in acceleration and march-trough.

This vehicle demonstrates on very impressiv way, that downsizing with factors 2 and more is possible with the Hyprex technology, while even customer relevant properties like driving fun, march-through and consumption are improved.