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LCR - swissauto

To become successful in the Motorcycle racing, swissauto also had to use the traditional 500 cc 2 stroke engine. The further development of the 500 cc Krauser inline 4 cylinder engine was very successful and brought some innovative ne ideas to the Motorcycle GP. As an example, swissauto was the first using a complete electronic engine management with data logging. This system was co-developed with the english company Zytek.
Already in its first full season, the first Wold champion tile was won with Rolf Biland as driver. The next Championship titles in the two following years then laid the base for the development of the all new 500 cc V4 2 stroke engine.

This complete new designed engine was initially very fast and Rolf Biland could start on the pole position to the first race in Barcelona 1995. This project also was followed up with big interrest from the 500 cc Solo GP teams and within the same year, the adaptation of the V4 engine to the Solo bike was started.