Polaris 4 stroke Snowmobiles

Today, also the Snowmobiles are in the focus of exhaust emission and fuel consumption behaviour. Within the US, the rules for those vehicles was drasticly sharpen, specially when driving in the national park areas.

Polaris as one of the leading manufacturers of Snowmobiles has put their efforts on nicely optimized 2 stroke engines over the years. To comply with the new emission rules and customer requests, Polaris had to change to more economical but still powerful 4 stroke engines to fulfil the requests.

swissauto could convince, that the MPE powerplant was ideal to do this job and to cover the power range what polaris requested with a naturallly aspirated and a turbo charged version of this 2 cylinder engine.

After realizing the first demonstrator vehicle, a close collaboration between Polaris, Weber Automotive and swissauto began.

While the engine is being built from Weber in Germany, swissauto suported Polaris in the application of the engine, the turbo system and the engine management layout and functionality.

In regard of the compettition with the 2 stroke models, spcial high requests was asked from the turbo system to provide instant torque without any turbo lag. To reach this, swissauto has developed a new exhaust manifold with integrated turbine using the experience of the inhouse charging competence.

Altitude compensation and a very good power to weight ratio was the result of the very compact engine system. 

Start of production of the Polaris FS - and FST Models was in 2005 / 2006 with a very positive feedback from the customers and magazines.